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Organic French Roast

Organic French Roast

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Organic French Roast - 12 oz Bag

Roast Level: Dark
Origin: Central American & Indonesian
Tasting Notes: Sweet, Smokey, Full-Bodied, Dark Chocolate Notes
Available in: Ground for Drip Brewing or Whole Bean

Savor the Richness of Organic French Roast

Step into a world of robust flavor with our Organic French Roast. This dark roast coffee is a blend of Central American and Indonesian beans, ethically sourced and masterfully roasted to bring out the coffee's full-bodied richness.

Captivating Tasting Notes
Experience the sweet, smoky essence accompanied by dark chocolate notes that make each cup a luxurious indulgence. This is a coffee for those who love depth, complexity, and a lingering finish.

Quality in Every Sip
Our Organic French Roast coffee is available in both ground for drip brewing and whole bean options, ensuring you get the freshest cup, every time. Packaged in a 12 oz bag, this coffee is perfect for those who don't compromise on quality.

Why Choose Our Organic French Roast?

  • Organic, ensuring environmentally-friendly farming practices
  • Dark roast level brings out the coffee's full-bodied richness
  • Available in ground for drip brewing or whole bean
  • Ideal for those who appreciate a robust, complex cup of coffee

Indulge in the bold flavors of Organic French Roast. Order yours today!

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