About Us

Meet Gabe & Jesse

Raised in small towns of the rural Midwest, owners Gabe and Jesse were somehow lucky enough to meet in Southern California in 2007 and proudly call each other “husband” today.  Their careers in finance brought them to Arizona, where they’ve been blessed to call Tempe home. 

For many, the global pandemic was a time to reflect on how our time and energy is spent and what marks an individual will leave on their family and neighbors. Gabe and Jesse knew it was time for Gabe to leave the corporate world and create a legacy born out of the desire to create and cultivate community.

“Consider us the 'coffee pot' at the end of the rainbow.” - Jesse Shank

Our Mission

At Brick Road Coffee, we're creating more than just the perfect brew – we're nurturing the community. Our mission is to kindle a sense of belonging in every neighborhood, where the warmth of acceptance meets the joy of being part of a community. Here, every sip is an embrace, every smile a story shared. It's where you'll find a community that gets you, welcomes you, and cherishes you for being exactly who you are. We're not just serving coffee. We're weaving a tapestry of genuine connections, one heartfelt moment at a time.

Our Values

Authentically Us: "True to Ourselves, True to You"

In every brand, in every cup, authenticity shines through. We’re here to celebrate the real you.

Integrity in Action: "Do the Right Thing"

Integrity isn’t just our principle; it's our practice. In every decision, big or small, our core values guide us to do what's right, both for our community and our team.

Positive Vibes: "Bring the Spark"

We believe in the power of positivity. Every interaction is an opportunity to uplift and energize, creating an atmosphere that’s buzzing with good energy and vibrant vibes.

Growth Through Innovation: "Dare to Excel"

At Brick Road, 'ordinary' is not in our vocabulary. Boundless creativity fuels us. We’re always evolving, turning fresh ideas into extraordinary experiences.

United in Diversity: "Together, We're More"

Our strength lies in our diverse stories. Together, we weave a tapestry of inclusivity, rich with different voices.

Joyful Experiences: "Create Moments that Matter"

We're more than just a brand; we're creators of joy. Every moment at Brick Road is an opportunity to craft an experience that’s not just memorable but filled with genuine warmth and joy.