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Decaf Guatemala Sunrise Blend

Decaf Guatemala Sunrise Blend

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Decaf Guatemala Sunrise Blend - 12 oz Bag

Roast Level: Medium
Origin: Central America
Tasting Notes: Full-Bodied & Loved by All, Sweet Chocolate Notes
Available in: Ground for Drip Brewing or Whole Bean

Experience the Sunrise, Minus the Caffeine

Introducing our Decaf Guatemala Sunrise Blend, a coffee that captures the essence of a Central American sunrise without the caffeine. This medium roast is perfect for those who love the full-bodied flavor of coffee but prefer to skip the caffeine.

Universal Tasting Notes
This blend is a crowd-pleaser, offering a full-bodied experience with sweet chocolate notes that are loved by all. It's the perfect coffee to enjoy any time of day, giving you the rich flavors you crave without the jitters.

Quality in Every Cup
Our Decaf Guatemala Sunrise Blend is available in both ground for drip brewing and whole bean options, ensuring you get the freshest cup, every time. Packaged in a 12 oz bag, this coffee is perfect for those who want flavor without compromise.

Why Choose Our Decaf Guatemala Sunrise Blend?

  • Decaffeinated, for those who love coffee but not the caffeine
  • Medium roast level highlights the coffee's natural sweetness
  • Available in ground for drip brewing or whole bean
  • Ideal for those who appreciate a universally loved, full-bodied cup of coffee

Indulge in the flavors of Decaf Guatemala Sunrise Blend. Order yours today!

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